StoP-AD Centre

Centre for Studies on Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

A family concern

The StoP-AD Centre is dedicated to the pursuit of innovative studies on the ‘presymptomatic’ phase of Alzheimer's Disease using multimodal measurements of various disease indicators.

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Make a donation to the Douglas Foundation

*Within minutes of your donation, you will receive a tax receipt by email. The best way to proceed is to send them another email afterwards to specify that this donation is intended for the StoP-AD Centre, since there is nowhere in the online form to indicate this.

You can also call 514-762-3033 and give your credit card number and specify directly that the donation is for the StoP-AD Centre. You can provide your email address or your home address in order to receive the tax receipt.

You can also cut a cheque and write on the line “For the StoP-AD Centre" and send it by post.